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Police accused of ignoring neo-Nazi attack

Viennese police officers are facing jail over failing to help a retired politician after he was assaulted by a right-wing mob.

Albrecht Konecny, the former head of the Social Democrats (SP) delegation in the federal council (Bundesrat), said a group of policemen were watching on as he was beaten up on his way home from a street event against xenophobia and fascism.

Konecny attended an event organised by several human rights organisations and non-government organisations (NGOs) last month. Representatives of the Jewish Community in Vienna (IKG), Austrian unionists, the Austrian Green Party and students also attended by gathering in Viennas Innere Stadt district last month.

They also came together to commemorate the victims of the Nazis killings at the death and slave labour camp of Auschwitz. The open air event took place on the same day as a ball co-organised by student fraternities with a right-wing extremist background. NGOs were outraged that this years Viennese Corporations Ball was staged on the international Auschwitz concentration camp commemoration day. Organisers of the ball which was attended Front National (FN) chairwomen Marine Le Pen and Austrian Freedom Party (FP) leader Heinz-Christian Strache claimed that this was pure coincidence.

Konecny said the group of people who punched him senseless that night were most likely members of Austrias neo-Nazi scene. The former politician stressed that the police officers who were nearby did not help him on his feet after the attackers ran away. Konecny said they did not call an ambulance either, claiming that the police radio was busy.

Now it emerged that the Viennese police directorate started an internal investigation. The officers accused of denial of assistance when the physical assault occurred could be imprisoned for up to six months, according to reports. Newspapers also reveal today (Fri) that the leaders of police in the capital city decided to ask the state prosecution to investigate the matter.

The disputed ball took place at Viennas Hofburg Palace for the first time in 1968. A group of companies handling the venues promotion and marketing activities decided not to extend the contract with student fraternities due to the mounting political controversy. This means that the right-wingers must search for another venue from next year.

Several FP officials and supporters filed protest notes to the firms in charge of the decision. They warned from a boycott as a consequence if their decision was final. Several five-star hotels such as Viennas Intercontinental and Sacher but also Casinos Austria would be affected by their reaction as they are part of the business cooperation in charge of Hofburg Palaces economic concerns.

Viennese police forces shut down vast areas around the building on the evening of the ball in the past years to avoid riots. A spokesman for the police said hundreds of people from several European countries, especially Germany, participated in violent action against the guests of the event as they tried to make their way into Hofburg Palace. Three Vienna Corporations Ball attendants and five police officers were injured on the night this year. An undisclosed number of protesters were temporarily detained.

Vienna Times

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  1. A night of glitz and glamour at Vienna Filmball 2013

    » Panorama 2013-03-18

    Glamour and glitz were out in force at the weekend as stars from Austria and further afield flocked over the red carpet into the Vienna City Hall for a night of awards, dance and partying!

  2. Bonbon Ball crowns Miss Bonbon 2013!

    » Panorama 2013-02-11

    By far the sweetest event in the Vienna Ball season - the Bonbon Ball took place this weekend.

  3. Demonstration to remain in front of Votiv Kirche

    » General News 2012-12-19

    Following lack of progress made by talks between representatives of the Church, the charity Caritas and refugee activists at the Votiv Kirche in Vienna, protesters are set to stay camped outside the building.

  4. Man goes on supermarket axe rampage

    » General News 2012-12-19

    A supermarket worker and three supermarket customers were attacked by a man on the rampage with an axe in a supermarket in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

  5. Runners caught short in Vienna Indoor Marathon

    » General News 2012-12-19

    Marathon runners who thought they'd clocked up record times were caught short when organisers confessed that the course wasn't long enough.

  6. Underground rape suspect arrested in Graz

    » General News 2012-12-19

    A man accused of raping a 23-year-old woman on an underground line during rush hour in the Austrian capital has been arrested in Graz, Styria.

  7. Woman stabs boyfriend in head then goes to bed

    » General News 2012-12-19

    A woman stabbed her partner in the head before going to bed after a row in her apartment in Vienna, Austria.

  8. Parking permit zones to be extended

    » General News 2012-12-19

    Discussions are ongoing about making a park permit zone in the Vienna Districts of Hietzing and Währing from 2013 as a result of a knock on effect from surrounding districts.

  9. Indoor pool in Vienna open after renovation work

    » Panorama 2012-12-18

    Vienna's indoor swimming pool the Amalienbad is open again after it was closed for renovations over the summer.

  10. Price rise set for many in Vienna housing associations

    » General News 2012-12-10

    The year 2013 is going to start off an expensive one of the 2500 people living in Vienna.

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  1. Pröll outpaces friends and foes in capability check

    » General News 2012-05-23

    Austria’s longest-serving governor has been identified as the most capable one in the opinion of citizens.

  2. BZÖ ends Stronach speculations

    » General News 2012-05-18

    The Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ) has finally dismissed the circulating rumours about teaming up with a billionaire businessman.

  3. BZÖ chief denies Stronach alliance

    » General News 2012-04-24

    Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ) boss Josef Bucher has dismissed claims that he plans a political partnership with Frank Stronach.

  4. FPÖ justifies 'Moroccan thieves' campaign

    » General News 2012-04-03

    High-ranking representatives of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) have defended controversial slogans of the party’s Tyrolean department.

  5. Illicit funding of parties might soon mean prison

    » General News 2012-03-27

    The opposition wants to apply the criminal law for politicians engaging in the illegal subsidisation of their parties.

  6. Davutoglu praises integration

    » General News 2012-03-23

    Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has visited a school in Vienna.

  7. City coalition wants people to create charter

    » General News 2012-03-14

    The Viennese government plans to create a charter for better coexistence in the city.

  8. Revival for rightist Hofburg Palace bash

    » General News 2012-03-13

    The Freedom Party (FPÖ) has been given the all-clear to host a ball at Hofburg Palace next year.

  9. FPÖ ball all-clear angers NGOs

    » General News 2012-03-13

    Refugee charity organisations and anti-fascism groups are infuriated by news that a right-wing movement may host a ball at the presidential office next year.

  10. Strache deplores soaring tax pressure on middle class

    » General News 2012-02-14

    Freedom Party (FPÖ) leader Heinz-Christian Strache has harshly attacked the government over its savings package.

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  1. EC warns debt-ridden Austria

    » General News 2012-05-31

    Austria has been criticised for its high public debts.

  2. Graz coalition collapses

    » General News 2012-05-31

    People’s Party (ÖVP) Graz Mayor Siegfried Nagl has ended his faction’s partnership with the Greens.

  3. FPÖ attacks Wrabetz

    » General News 2012-05-30

    ORF boss Alexander Wrabetz is under fire over his latest relocation calculations.

  4. Government's subsidisation reform suffers setback

    » General News 2012-05-29

    The government has failed to reach an agreement with the coalition concerning a reform of Austria’s party subsidisation system.

  5. Vienna road toll on the agenda again

    » General News 2012-05-22

    The Vienna Greens are risking a coalition-internal conflict by calling for a city toll.

  6. Hollande's growth appeal 'nonsense', says Fekter

    » General News 2012-05-22

    Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) Finance Minister Maria Fekter has launched an attack on the new French president.

  7. Petrol traders plan legal action

    » Business 2012-05-17

    The domestic mineral oil industry plans to sue the government about plans to set up a tool regulating fuel prices.

  8. Turmöl sales soar

    » Business 2012-05-11

    Austria’s main discount petrol station network earned more in the first three months of this year thanks to the current developments on the energy products sector.

  9. SPÖ's big guns trained on Strache

    » General News 2012-05-02

    Vienna Mayor Michael Häupl has warned from a coalition between the People’s Party (ÖVP) and the Freedom Party (FPÖ).

  10. Bonuses must mean tax cuts, says ÖVP boss

    » General News 2012-05-02

    The People’s Party (ÖVP) has suggested to lower the tax pressure on companies which share their profits with employees.

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  1. Police accused of ignoring neo-Nazi attack

    » General News 2012-02-10

    Viennese police officers are facing jail over failing to help a retired politician after he was assaulted by a right-wing mob.

  2. Westbahn wants Graz - Salzburg subsidies

    » Business 2011-10-24

    A private competitor of Federal Railways (ÖBB) has claimed it would operate between Graz and Salzburg given that it gets as much financial support as the state-owned rail firm.

  3. Police tag students 'extremists' after protest

    » General News 2011-09-29

    A former student union leader has been considered an extremist by anti-terror investigators, it has emerged.

  4. Lower fine for policeman who beat teacher in mix-up

    » General News 2011-09-28

    A court decided to lower a fine issued against a policeman who seriously injured an African-American teacher after mistaking him for a drug dealer.

  5. Vast number of Vienna burglaries unsolved

    » General News 2011-09-13

    Police in Vienna managed to solve less than one in 20 break-ins in the first half of the current year, according to new figures.

  6. Jail release mix-up felon is back

    » General News 2011-09-07

    A 31-year-old convict turned himself in to the police a few weeks after wardens released him by mistake.

  7. Policeman provided KBN with Aliyev case data

    » General News 2011-07-22

    A 51-year-old policeman has been sentenced to jail for accepting money from the Kazakh secret service.

  8. Wrong prisoner released

    » General News 2011-07-19

    Wardens have freed the wrong man in an embarrassing mix-up, it has emerged.

  9. Release after teen skeleton found in cellar

    » General News 2011-07-04

    A Lower Austrian man suspected of killing a teenage girl who went missing five years ago has been released again from custody.

  10. Faymann defends aid for Greece

    » General News 2011-05-18

    Freedom Party (FPÖ) chief Heinz-Christian Strache accused the government of "dispossessing" Austrians of their assets and savings by supporting ailing Eurozone member Greece.

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